Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sweet Is The Sting

Melancholia is a bittersweet affliction. You are very much welcome, Datu, the disheartened wilted prune!

P.S. Odd, that after a brief bout with option paralysis I decided on the inclusion of Dido’s Don’t Think Of Me (which you identified as Hunter) over Here With Me which I felt strongly to be the one in that compilation. Damn accessibility! Haha. Five Years is by Sugar Hiccups, not Sweet Hiccups although they almost mean the same thing. Angel is a fine Mclachlan material and I cannot listen to it without wincing a little. I have it in The City Of Angels Soundtrack. Buy the soundtrack, ignore the groan-and-roll-your-eyeballs sappy-beyond-belief movie.


datu, the wilted prune. said...

Thanks for pointing them out. If my head's messing up even more I'm taking barbiturates. -_-'

toni said...

yong song na five years ng sugar hiccup meron ako.
para saken bagama't disbanded na, nabibilang ang sugar hiccup sa mangilan ngilang mahuhusay na pinoy band nong dekada 80.

loudcloud said...

datu - try staring at an aquarium! hehe.

toni - i agree! i agree! i agree!