Sunday, December 23, 2007

Flick & Faith

Wolfing my Teriyaki Boy Shake Don i got an SMS from Ian:

So did the Golden Compass reek with anti-Christian sentiment?

I mulled over tormenting him with loads of spoilers but the salmon’s far too good to dilute with crabby tirade.

I Dunno. I replied. I look at it at purely fantasy/adventure that it is. Only an idiot would lose faith over a fictional movie.

Only those with shaky faith need be concerned.


ian said...

I was hoping for a more thorough, objective (?) tally of details from an opinionated culturati such as yourself (is my flattery earning me brownie points already?)...

Don't worry about spoiling the movie for me. I have no intention of supporting it and the anti-Christian web it aims to spin. (And it's not because my faith isn't standing on a sure foundation =])

It's disappointing performance in the box office- opening at 26M USD vs a 185M USD budget- somehow imperils the production of the others segments of the trilogy.

Where to attribute this?

For one, many of its fans have already hailed it a disappointment- since the movie version of the book, for them, is NOT anti-Christian enough...

By the way- GLOBE SUCKED BIG TIME TODAY! Messages to my phone were at least 6 hours delayed... Got your sms a little after midnight!

datu, the wilted prune. said...

waiting for the official DVD release. then i'll get the torrent. >:)

much i resent to return the greeting (the xmas/newyear season is just a "blasted" excuse to turn the streets into a boga warzone), i do believe in the spirit of good cheer. cheers!

loudcloud said...

ian - i am not a big fan of the golden compass either, i didn't even read the book.

datu - what a grouch :P

BoobooStrider said...

yeah! true that!
the movie wasn't amazing but didn't really pertain to anything Catholic or Christian.

loudcloud said...

booboostrider! exactly. i dunno why people's garters are all bunched up over this work of fiction

BoobooStrider said...

i watched it with my lil sister and when we got home my dad was like, 'why'd you let her watch that film!' So I asked my sister how she understood the film and she said 'wala, just bears fighting.'

see, the compass wasn't even obvious for some reason... hehe

loudcloud said...

brilliant! that should have summed up the entire movie: "bears talking and fighting" haha