Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Shameless Re-fabrication Of Fiction

Androgenie, one of my poet demigods, was smugly right: Don't flatter yourself and put a final punctuation on your poems as you might reread them in the future and cringe. You might want to look at them as works in progress.

These statements finally hold graver truths when at three in the morning, catching a new strain of the Sleeplessness Flu, I reread the fiction I wrote many moons ago in another blog. Imagine my wincing face, at the same time I struggle to abort the rise of the chuckles.

In a blinding flash of realization I decided: I can somehow make it evolve. The revised version motivated me to create a new blog dedicated to the sophomoric attempt at writing fiction. The first installment is up, though I'll have to have another glance over later for grammatical lapses (any editors out there? :-) check that: any editors out there willing to make sense of my grammatically-fractured opus without hinting at proper remuneration? Haha).

My loyal voyeurs meet Lorraine, the flawed heroine of my monumental mess.

post script : I have temporarily restricted the fiction page to give way to heavy editing. I am embarrassed to admit that after rereading the first fiction I have posted I have found traces of a Writing Hero's novel in it. This happened while organizing my books and I picked the novel up and sped-read my way through it. And there they were: sort of indirect re-appropriations. I am mortified. No wonder some of the lines rolls so easy on my tongue when I reread them, and there are fragments that make me suspect to be too familiar. My apologies. I didn't intend to plagiarize anyone's work so until I come up with something original I'd have the other page closed.


datu, the wilted prune. said...

ok, read it. hmmm...if it's supposed to be the narrative type of fiction then i find it wanting of plot. even if the true plot comes later, i still find the supposed prologue unnecessarily lengthy, unless you intent on featuring a journal-writing protagonist.

anyway, you know what they say about critics and bitterness. ;p

loudcloud said...

you were right on the dot on the journal-writing bit. it's a blog inside her mind. as for the plot, i dunno. it's a mishmash, pretty fucked. hehe. we shall see

talksmart said...

Thanks for leaving a note on my blog. May you never get tired writing good posts. You inspire a lot of bloggers, truly.

loudcloud said...

thanks talksmart! may 2008 will have your site fertile with discovering bloggers of note!