Sunday, December 23, 2007

Saturday Snoozers

Ordinarily Saturdays are spent drudging in the office but for some inexplicable reasons I slept. Listen, I'm as shocked as you are. Sleep is a concept I'm not quite familiar with since I leapfrogged to the new job. So it's quite a welcome development and a reason to have my paranoia meter go berserk. I woke up past three in the afternoon because my mobile phone shrieked. It's my friend's officemeate returning the suit he borrowed for their office Christmas party. Drat. I had plans of fine-tweaking second set of contact sheets from the previous folio shoot but thanks to this sudden bout with narcolepsia I was zonked out all day. I hurriedly wiped drool off my face, threw on a shirt and a baseball cap and rushed to the building's lobby to meet him. I dragged my sleepy carcass back to my flat, slumped in bed and abruptly felt sexually aroused. Odd. I was too dozy to do something about it. Late in the evening famishness jolted me out of unconsciousness. I hurtled towards the nearby mall for an overdue lunch, breakfast and dinner. The food tasted like osterized cardboard. To wipe off the nasty aftertaste I decided to watch a movie. It's a toss up between watching Elizabeth The Golden Age again and The Golden Compass. Chose the latter. The movie was adequate but it was the trailers that got me wired. James Marsden, Michelle Pfieffer and Christian Bale, how about an orgasmic foursome? Email me.


XienahGirL said...

my body clock
pretty much messed up
because of the morning mass.

more disorientation
and less sleep
led me to binge eating
at 3am.

just now
i yawned at my comment

loudcloud said...

xienah - hahahah. try doing that on a daily basis + overcaffeination + super-elongated working hours and you have just plagiarized my daily routine

Tey said...

hmmm i want to watch that movie...
hey mis visiting ur blog..thx for dropping by...Merry Xmas to you my friend and to all your love ones.. see you around

loudcloud said...

tey! likewise! :)