Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Opposed to my persistent nature I know when to call a truce. You do well in making me realize that your affection is already bespoken to someone else. That despite my best efforts your sweet regards and girly crushes are not mine to own. Let me assure you in sincerity: I will not stand in the way. Caring for someone is a one way path and the best I can hope for is for that fondness to be returned and not to be imposed back. Let us spare each other of clumsy feel-good apologies and from hereon walk the easy corridors of uncomplicated familiar friendship. Meanwhile let me take care of this little bruise. With warm wishes, Loudcloud.

~ ~ ~

Work has demolished my healthy online life. I barely have time to respond to emails more so write them. My blog comment response time is beyond delayed, it’s laughably retarded. I miss the cyberbanters, the bloghopping and leaving insane comments. I hope, like most Hollywood-inspired romance, this busy business is temporary.


Offline YM message from HeWhoIsNotToBeNamed: Talk about permanence... you were waxing romantic on jan 22 and 2 days after were suddenly looking for a d-i-y kit for handgliders haha

Yes, because I can't sit still ten minutes in a row without getting buttsores ;-P



You stole my thoughts in paragraph 2. I feel the same way.

amicus said...

darn. i love your prose. bakit ngayon lang kita nakita?

link kita, kung ok lang?

loudcloud said...

misterhubs - now i'm guilty of plagiarism! hahaha.

amicus - thanks. because my blog has been obscure, and save for a handful of loyal and lovable freaks, this blog remains obscure.

ok lang, thanks for linking i'll pop in your site when insane work subsides. cheers

joy-joy said...

im a freak and i love this blog haha! ok din itong pang GRE review. no need to buy Kaplan. uy loudcloud, ano ang pinagkakaabalahan niyo ni talksmart? sali ako! teka, kailangan ko muna mga skills na kailangan niyo. baka wala ako nun. :D

loudcloud said...

joyjoy! you'll know very soon dont woory you'll ace this one up. i have faith in you ;-)