Friday, January 18, 2008

Crapped Marks

Harebrained things happen at work all the time but it has its rich moments.

Junior Designer (pointing at the ad's bleed area): Should I crop here?
Wiseass Art Director: No, go to the Comfort Room.

Howls of merriment burst like when someone farts during a quiet Algebra Exam.


talksmart said...

this idea of starting a blog award is making me excited. Please email me at topratingblogs (at) gmail (dot) com so we could exchange ideas more....

enjoy life!


Hmm, I wonder who that Wiseass Art Director is? (Looking at loudcloud)

loudcloud said...

talksmart - coolness. i'll email you when i get breathing space this weekend.

misterhubs - my policy is to not mention names to protect the guilty. as quoted by tim allen "the innocent needs no protection, because the heavens do so as a matter of routine."

XienahGirL said...

you are such a
MEAN median mode

but then again
i wont hate you
if your my boss

or else
ayl blag abawt yu.

loudcloud said...

being hated is less horrific than being blogged about! hahaha

Anino said...

The shock intensity of being blogged about varies. Ending up on portablebitch's blog is the most horrific!