Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Falter. Then Fade

Thinking about the whole ruckus at work today I feel crappy. How is it possible that mediocrity can convey logical arguments? Why does it seem customary for passionate attempts at excellence get drown in the popular views of pedestrianism? Maybe I am just being hard on myself and everyone on the process. Maybe the argument was valid, that I have lofty, unrealistic standards? Topping it all is the unbendable probability that our hard work and steadfast optimism carry no merit and the faith in the project is misplaced. That even our unflinching tenacity can liquefy in the face of bad decisions and indifference. I’m tired. While it’s convenient excuse me as I momentarily slide into jadedness and despair.


Boyd said...

i know that it's difficult to live with the incompetence around you but be steadfast! the evils may not be vanquished but stupidity can be overcome! by the tip of the sword or by a gunshot of course! and not targeting yourself, dear. manslaughter is the answer!

with that i welcome myself back. how have you been?


loudcloud said...

boyd!!! man, welcome back! i am greatly relieved to know you didn't slide to oblivion! haha.

i am not sure bloodshed will be justified but on certain days i am flirting with the idea.

i've been struggling these days, almost at my wits end. so it's safe to assume i will not be in the running for mr. congeniality sash.

neat to have you back in the blogosphere!

Boyd said...

you'd have to update my link though, i'm transferring. ;) will give you the address as soon as i decide on it. ;)

loudcloud said...

boyd - sure! looking forward to visiting your new home! :)