Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Johnny Walker Puts It Thusly: Keep Walking

Year 2007 expired faster than a prom dress. But what a year it was! I opened this blog, failed the previous attempts at blogging glory, fostered new online friendships and leapfrogged into a new very mind-sharpening job. Forget the stress, the very long hours, the constant bouts with frustration: my mind is always on hyperdrive and that’s the kind of rush I’d go for any time of the year.

Last days of last year were shrouded with heavy clouds of uncertainty. Expectations plummeted like Japanese A6M Zeros during World War II. It was a knee-jerk, sobering wake up call. It shoved things into austere clarity and perspectives skew towards the sour, unsympathetic direction.

And here we are, 2008, with its renewed promise at fresh beginnings. What to do with it? As I am loathe to do ningas-cogon resolutions, I will skip the listing process and save random bloghoppers from unthinkable boredom.

However let it be cast into a slab of industrial grade titanium that I will maintain a stubborn, highly optimistic ground. Well aware that by doing this my naïveté will fall flat on the ground. Who cares. Insanity isn’t beholden to logic. That’s why we fall prey to the illusion of being in love.

It makes you shudder but brave on anyway.


ian said...

as you are wont to say- courage, brother =]

happy 2K8 =]

XienahGirL said...

i am not a fan of resolutions for i belive that each of us should have a specific measurable attainable and realistic goal.

i celebrate new year
alongside with my birthday

loudcloud said...

ian! happy new year too!

xienahgirl! - whoa! whoa! andaya! di nagsabi na birthday mo! argh! anyway, happy new year/birthday!!!

xienahgirl said...

ang new year
para sa akin
ay sa tuwing sasapit
ang birthday ko

sa april pa yun

loudcloud said...

xienah! ayun, maliwanag pa sa ten thousand watts na bumbilyang philipps pag ganyan! haha. tamang tama sa april invite moko, pero dapat sa beach ka magparty tapos yung girls in bikinis ;-P

toni/nonblogger said...

ay isama nyo ako sa beach party na yan, gusto ko rin makakita ng mga nakabikini. ooppps sama din si ate joy para lahat masaya.

loudcloud said...

toni! sige! mukhang exciting to. kaso ayaw kumibo ng birthday celebrator! hahaha. mukhang ayaw mg sports illustrated swimsuit special centerfold para sa atin. wimp. hehe

xienahgirl said...

kikibo na nga ako
kaya lang
hindi ako nagsusuwimsut

konserbatiba ako e