Sunday, January 13, 2008

¡Feliz Cumpleaño, Señor Quixote!

Quick! Let's hunt Ian down and demand for bottomless Strong Ice Beer at Ponti! Or at least, a slice of Joni's Bakeshop mocha cake and a cone of dirty ice cream! Haha. Cheers, mi amigo!


ian said...

Dirty ice cream? Excuse me- Lunch at John and Yoko later- if you can wake up in time for it hahahaha

your e-greeting is good, but your plasma tv in my living room will be SO MUCH better hehe

seriously, thanks old chum =]

i heart it a lot.

and amen to your grand hope for us all =]

Boyd said...

loudcloud: Joni's what? I thought they only served shakes?!

doc ian: er, happy birthday sir. hehe.

loudcloud: i'm on :)

loudcloud said...

boyd! yes, i have added your new blog on my blogroll yet retained the old link ;)

Jonis, yeah. I once tasted their cake and it tasted like recycled rubber slippers and industrial grade sandpaper. yummy!

you also cropped the picture, concealing the cute faces hehe

loudcloud said...

ian - yo! supah-birthday boi from the 'hood! toucha mah pluzmah, ah breakah yo face. are we cleah on this, homie?

ack! as God is my witness i will never pull off this pseudo-gangsta shit ever again! bwahaha

again, my warmest birthday greetings!

XienahGirL said...

why wudyah wanna kno
mah birthday homie?

youll give me
a birthday bash
at McDo

happy birthday sir ian

why are we greeting him
in your blog?

datu, the wilted prune. said...

happy birthday! :)

ian said...

"God" and "sh*t" in the same sentence... LC, i swear...


thanks again =]

PS- you missed a helluva salmon sashimi!

loudcloud said...

Yo! Xienah, gurl! Me wunna know ya birthday, gurl, coz me wanna make ya, them birthday greeting thinga, ya know, gurl?! hahaha.

i suck at this, i swear! hahaha

toni/nonblogger said...

ako din makkgreet..


out of topic, loudcloud nominated ka pala don sa kwentong kaso ung me mga blog lang mari vote.

loudcloud said...

thanks toni! i'll pop in there again to read the mechanics. hope you are well! :-)

joy-joy said...

Happy birthday Dr. Ian :D (*parang mali ata na dito ko batiin si Dr. Ian?*)

nabasa ko na po toni... papunta na dun....
ano ba ito? for world peace ulit? lol

jenifffer said...

happy birthday// may you have more bdays to come..

Boyd said...

you're hot with the chicks man!

ew, did that come out of my mouth. sorry.

anyway, nope, i didn't crop the picture. it's just being weird sumtimes. must be the CSS. i'll fix it!

loudcloud said...

joy-joy! world peace and the good of all our children and their children's grandchildren! hahaha.

loudcloud said...

boyd - wow, pare, 'steeg! hahaha. i'm an equal-opportunity kind of guy so i get all the love both ways ;-)

jennifer - i hope dr. ian reads your comment and pop you a thank you note, but you didn't leave a link or email so i'm not sure how he'd do it unless he owns a tracker like cerebro in x-men :-)