Saturday, February 9, 2008

Filler Alert Numero Uno

Hurray Mia! You aced the Filipino Blog Of The Week 94. Lotsa credits and sweet acts of gratefulness should be directed towards Toni/Nonblogger & Friends for the unwavering stream of votes and diligent campaigning!

Friends let's support Mia's bid for Hall Of Fame in the competition. Please continue voting for her for Week 95. Also, I am hurriedly posting this so please DON'T use the sidebar link because that's for week 94 and I don't have the luxury of time to alter the pollhost code.

You can vote at Talksmart's site.

Also, please use your heavenly coupons and pray for Joy-Joy . Her board exams is gonna happen very shortly. Gracie.

~ ~ ~

P.S. Talksmart I'll email tomorrow, Sunday, re the other project update. Please excuse my delayed response as I am furiously trying to meet two important deadlines at work.

~ ~ ~

P.P.S. Empress Godiva, sorry I missed the brunch thingy. Massive hangover from last night's carousing and mindless debauchery. All the best for you and Gonzo. And oh, spare me the brownies they taste like industrial grade asphalt. Kidding. Hehe.


Dakilang Tambay said...

thank you so much loud, toni, at sa lahat ng taong bumoto, sumuporta at naniwala sa kakayahan ko. ang drama. basta salamat po talaga. mahal ko kayong lahat. mwah!

loudcloud said...

walang anuman. go for the hall of fame! hehe

joy-joy said...

sa wakas natapos din! sumakit ang ulo ko pagkatapos. maraming salamat loudcloud. :D

loudcloud said...

joy-joy! - yehey. that means your online life will be healthy again. hehe