Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sleepwalking On Sedated Days

Tofu day is what I call it. A tofu day is bland, devoid of character, much like the acting aptitude of Angel Locsin.

On a tofu day you drag your lethargic self out of bed; maintaining a vertical position summons tremendous willpower. Today will be much like the day before only you feel like brisk-walking in a sea of tapioca. You hazily amble for the bathroom and the only thing missing for you to be declared a zombie is a frothing mouth, a melting face and a disintegrating nose.

You carry on with your morning constitutional, inattentively switching hair gel for toothpaste and the only thing that reminds you that you are partially alive is the coldness of the shower.

Workplace becomes a deadening Beelzebub’s den with fluorescent lighting. People smile at you and you see jackals on post-coital trance.

You plod on through the day partially ignited by caffeine and deadlines.

Black holes swirl and congregate on your desk and you stare ahead, counting your emptiness like squadrons of sheep jumping off blurry fences.

A certain hunger for dusk creeps in.

Once more midnight will disembark, washing you away into streams of erratic dreams.


datu, the wilted prune. said...

I love tofu. High in protein without the extra calories. :)

loudcloud said...

datu - let me tell you something. while working in another country long ago i was desperately seeking fresh cow's milk and all i got to eat cereal with is soy milk, which is liquid tofu. this calamity went on for ages, so now you understand my allergy towards tokwa. hehe.

datu, the wilted prune. said...

aww...we should have changed places then. i would've had heaven! ^-^'

and oh, i badly miss Nestle Twin. :,(

loudcloud said...

datu - i have no idea you're tokwa nut! hehe

failed misanthrope said...

Lay off tofu.I love tofu.

loudcloud said...

oh no another tokwa nut! haha. ok, the failedmisanthrope, as you wish i'd be agreeable and leave tokwa alone. lol

dai74 said...

if tofu is the only food left in the world, mamatay na lang ako sa gutom!!

TOFU tastes like wet crumpled paper! eat na lang ako ng dahong tuyot. hehehe!!