Saturday, February 23, 2008


Valentines is over and now that dusts of mass hysteria and communal delusions have settled I'll enumerate a few uncharacteristic insinuations of the L word. Forget the violins, time freezing, and all those mush fabricated by Hollywood. I do not subscribe to the tired, saleable blueprint of romance. If I wanted to hurl I would have stocked on Mills & Boons. Yes, I am a cynic but that doesn’t mean I am immune to the L word’s virulence.

Candle lit dinner, driving towards the sunset and blanket of stars and all the dreamy shebang aside, love arrives in different guises. Here are a few I know of.

  • 01. A rain soaked Dad bringing his little monster lunch in school.
  • 02. Those bleary-eyed people doing silent vigil in hospital waiting rooms.
  • 03. The look racing across the face of your pet dog when he sees you approaching home.
  • 04. The often unappreciated person who takes troubles cooking for all single friends who have nowhere to go on Christmas, New Year and Valentines Day.
  • 05. The silence when blame is appropriate.
  • 06. Telling people they stink minus the judgment.
  • 07. Camping beside the muted phone in aching hopefulness for it to ring.
  • 08. Enormously missing the schoolyard playmate who often makes you cry.
  • 09. A wordless, unexpected touch in the face.
  • 10. Discarding your stubbornness not because you are made to, it’s because you want to.
  • 11. A name populating your waking hours.
  • 12. Effervescent letters written longhand.
  • 13. Not standing in anyone’s way of happiness.
  • 14. Losing your sense of self (the most unpleasant and deepest manifestation, so help us God.)
  • 15. Eating lousy scrambled eggs for breakfast just because she whipped it up. For three years. And you hate scrambled eggs. You want them poached.
  • 16. Watching reruns snuggly cramped together in the sofa, wisely avoiding a petty fight, just the flicker of the TV and the numbed patters of Saturday evening rain competing with soft steady breathings.
  • 17. Rolling over at three o’clock in the morning and finding someone there breathing next to you and you inch closer and drifting back to sleep, content, smiling.
  • 18. Discovering more than three ways to iron a linen skirt and equating detergent to pheromones.
  • 19. That light tingle, electricity rocketing across your brain when her light kiss touches your upper lip and your heart soar because no one has ever pulled the lightning rod lever up in you before.
  • 20. A bunch of fresh flowers next to a tombstone and it’s not All Souls day.


datu, the wilted prune. said...

i love this entry. :`)

ignorainman said...

What a clear, black valentine!

Can I add this to the list?

# seeing Sam milby and Piolo Pascual holding hands more and caring less about what Lolit Solis would say.

Pinapantal ako... Shetness... LOL


Let me just add...

21. Blowing your partner when he asks for it even though you have three canker sores and a headache.

joy-joy said...

i love ur list. musta na loudcloud?

My Daily Thoughts said...

sounds like sharing the romantic side of Loudcloud... hmmmm ..That's nice... Everybody should.

thesocialcritic said...

one of the best bloggers so far. im envious on how natural your words are comin out. i mean, it would took me two full lifetimes to write an entry like yours. shhoot. >:)

xienahgirl said...

LOL @ misterhubs

number 13 is just divine.
that should be the reason
why i am residing in heaven.
thank god,
we have internet up here.

id like to add:
22. xienahgirl


loudcloud said...

datu - why thank you, evil prune! haha

loudcloud said...

misterhubs! - if that isn't love, i don't know what is! hahahaha.

joy-joy! i've been stressed as hell and going bonkers. lolz. hope life is treating you well!

loudcloud said...

tey - i have a romantic side? whoa. that's good news then. hehe.

thesocialcritic - thank you for the compliments! blogging is easy if you have something to say ;-)

loudcloud said...

igno - that isn't love, that's career suicide! LOLz. ian will prescribe antihistamines for you. hehe.

Xienah - does Jesus approve of downloading smut beyond the pearly gates? how's the weather there? hehe.

#22, well, let's say there is no point of disagreement. you have just supplanted Aphrodite. lol

somemalebee - how so? ;-)

amicus said...

sigh na lang ako...


haha. ang saya naman basahin tong post mo. nakaka-relak.

loudcloud said...

amicus - this *is* a relaxing post? hehe. well, you think it's cheaper than therapy? ;-)

amicus said...

you bet.parang feel good movie, exccept that it is not a movie. :)

mnel said...

ah yes... number 17. ^_^

i love waking up next to him. *blushes*

loudcloud said...

amicus - whoa, that's new, huh! ;-)

doc mnel - it's because you're 'lovestruck' hehe. congrats for winning the lovestruck contest! :)

Coldman said...

Mr.Loudcloud are you hopeless romantic?

Hmmm..... =)

loudcloud said...

coldman! - hopeless, yes. romantic, well, that's debatable ;-)