Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yeah, It's That Time Of The Year


ian said...

Ode to the Celebrated Celebrity Celebrant is in my blog =]

Bring out the booze!


Loud Cloud, my number 10! Happy Womb Emancipation day! Hugs and kisses, Misterhubs .

loudcloud said...

ian - celebrated celebrity celebrant? wow, that's grand! thank you for inflating my already bloated ego! lolz.

seriously, thanks for being a neat buddy and a big-hearted quixotic/optimist!

it's a pleasure to be considered your friend.


loudcloud said...

"Happy Womb Emancipation Day!"

hahaha. now that's new! thank you so much for the greeting/hug/kiss misterhubs! i'm touched. those riotous banter via YM are great uppers on lousy, long days.

it's a great thing that despite my dorky nature you tolerated my warped antics and allowed me to intrude in your blog.'s equally neat to be considered your buddy.

all the best to you and hubsterbunny!