Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I’d Explain But Your Idle Skull Would Explode

Cute Beyond Belief People here’s a friendly disclaimer: If you are expecting politeness get the Fuck off my blog!

Ok, that wasn’t exactly Mary Poppins style but you get my drift.The trigger? “Nosebleed”

Let me register my absolute disdain towards people who think it is my duty to simplify myself so they would get what I'm usually rambling about. I have whined about this in the past and at risk of redundancy let me rant over the fact that I have no allocated patience for dweebs whose mental circuits begin to explode upon seeing a word exceeding one syllable.

For one, mediocrity bores me to bits. Secondly, I find it annoying that very lazy twats cite the Least Common Denominator Mentality to conceal their glaring lack of effort at self-improvement. Here’s a hint: open a freaking thesaurus and no, it's not a prehistoric animal.

Don't make me apologize for your complacency.

Also, don't give me that look. It is not my fucking obligation to be sensitive towards your touchy-feely idleness. You should have read enough to discover additional words or consulted trusty Webster to learn words and do the universe a great service by not inflicting the rest of the free world of your blatant ignorance. Your lack of resolve to be word-savvy isn't due to the fact that others are using “big words.” It's because you have decided to become allergic to anything that has more than three syllables. Fucking grow up. And oh, don't give me the shitty “concern” that “most people might not understand.”

Weird. Who are most people? And why would I seek to be understood when I have repeatedly wailed even to those who refuse to listen that I am an altar boy in the house of chaos? Not only am I fascinated with irony and contradictions but I find a certain bizarre romance in something I cannot understand. That makes me think. That warps me out of complacency to challenge myself and the limitation of my understanding.

There. I'm raving like a full-blown maniac. The topic I want to ramble about melted from the flares spurting out of my nostrils. I am however aware that I sound like a snooty jerk. So do me a favor. Don't stand there, wringing your hands shiftlessly, puppy-eyed and such.

Go find a fucking dictionary and find out the definition of vicious.

The word probably was invented to define me.

I have no trouble with that, either.


Holy Kamote said...

writing is simply a means of communication to those who will read it. and if your readers can't appreciate your verbosity, they should not force you to be shallow just for their sake, or to be not you.

but i think, anyone can learn how to adjust only if we really want to.... both for writers and for readers.

that's also true in our daily oral conversations. we learn & adapt.

but of course, we can be amiss anytime by anyone even though you've said it straight from the shoulder.

Coldman said...

relax.. I'm not complaining. =)

ignoramous said...

Powerful! -newyork times

loudcloud said...

HK - this also proves i'm an egotistical autistic hehe.

coldman - this hissing fit is not for you hehe. relax. it's a general sentiment :P

igno - hahaha. i don't think this is new york times caliber but thanks for the faith! ;-)

Mariano said...

Well, this is actually my first comment here!

There's really nothing else to complain about, but I don't want to be untrue if I'd say that I wouldn't say that your blog is one heck of a read.

But of course, it did help me extend some extra time browsing through for some extra help on how am I going to digest what you really mean, ehehe.

mister said...

You go, loudcloud! Preach it! Stick it to those single-cell twits!

And while we're all in a ranting mood: Gloria resign! Gloria resign!

loudcloud said...

mariano! - whoawow, i am so honored napadaan ka. at nag comment pa! don't moan over the extra time spent at hehe

mister - i love your subversive streaks! hahaha.

xienahgirl said...

yadda yadda yadda

stop sounding
like a grumpy old woman
who experiences hot flushes
in her menopausal age.
the worst part?
explaining it
to a trisomy21 patient.

i get it.

you have
enough patience for me.

so what
if i want my dose
of ridicule and rudeness?
i really want xG
to be ruined.

ill just let
my idle skull explode
for it to be useful
once in awhile--
a Camote Fertilizer for one.

joy-joy said...

try nila ito -->

it's a vocabulary building site but at the same time, you donate grains of rice and help the UN donate rice to poor people. for every 1 vocab word uget right, they'll donate 20 grains of rice.

kung hindi man totoo ang rice donation chuva na ito e at least madagdagan man lang ang vocab words natin.

o di ba, vocabulary words for world peace. laban ka?

Mariano said...

Ahaha, well, I'm always hear at your blog but I'm somewhat having second thoughts on my comments, ahaha.

Mariano said...

And now I must say sorry for that HEAR mistake of mine. That should've been a HERE instead of a HEAR.

That'll teach me to read more, ahaha.

loudcloud said...

xienahgirl -it's scary disagreeing with a goddess! hahaha. :P

joy-joy - "o di ba, vocabulary words for world peace. laban ka?" hahaha. that's hard to resist indeed!

mariano - don't worry it happens to me at all times. i type the wrong word and fail to reread it before posting because my train of thought is on hyperdrive :P

Anino said...

Nakakatakot namang mag-iwan ng komento.

loudcloud said...

anino - it's not meant to intimidate. it's an ode to frustration. cheers :-)

jen said...

I love this post! This is so true of the people I used to work with. I could certainly use your post to slap them all to hell and back. :)

First time to be on your blog, I haven't read much 'cos I stopped to read the whole of this post. I got here from Coldman's blog.

(Yay. I have another blog to read. Yung nakakatuwa't nakakaliw. Di gaya ng dati kong coworkers. Hmp.) :-)